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Day Two



DAY 2 - OCTOBER 11, 2013

So, I woke up and any pimples that were sore are now deflated. Some have a tiny white head at the top that is barely noticeable, unless up close. And they are all flat and scabbed over. My skin is tight and dry, but there is nothing new. My face is looking a little more tanned, probably because i'm not bleaching or torturing it with BP. This still feels right smile.png.

I'll update as much as possible.

Update - 5:00 PM:

My skin looks better than it did when I woke up. No over oil production. But my skin has never been very oily. ITS DRY THOUGH!! WAAAAAAHHH! :'( And it's itchy. But it's been itchy since day one of the Acne.org regimen. Lol! My skin tone is even where it doesn't have a blemish. Still searching for my digital camera cord.. I'll get pics up soon.

I'm not sure if its my hair tickling my face.. but I keep getting little itches and its very annoying because im trying to refrain from washing my hands and scratching the itch. It's like some pathetic version of torture.

OH... I ALSO WANTED TO ADD.. I'm drinking about 4 - 5 Litres of lemon water a day. I normally drink quite a bit of water, but not this much. I'm doing this to help my body flush out toxins and maybe aid with my skin.


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