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Day One



DAY 1 - OCTOBER 10, 2013

I have about 2-3 pimples on each cheek, and these ARE FROM PICKING. And a whole bunch of red marks from picking. The skin in between my eyebrows isn't doing too well because I picked there as well. The area around my mouth and chin has a one or two pimples from picking. My skin was fine till I went cray on it the day before.

Effing weird. Weeeeirrrddddddd. Day one was so weird. I got home from the gym, washed my face with soap, put on BP, then had my REVELATION. So I removed the BP and washed my face with water and honey and then started the water only regimen. I wandered around all day with nothing on my face, but OMG did it feel liberating. I was like lady liberty, singing from the rooftops about my relief. Hahahaha... Then, I picked a pimple sad.png and washed my face with filtered water at the end of the day . Went a bed. WEIRD AGAIN!!! I went to be two hours early like normal, but there was no regimen to follow to fill up my time. So I laid there and watched netflix... feeling very bizarre.

I am taking pictures of my progress every single day. I will post them once I find the cord for my digital camera <( x . x )>, because I want everyone that reads this to see the actual progress. I'm going to be 100 percent honest about anything I do to my skin, and I wont hold back. So be prepared.

ALSO, i have covered every mirror in my house with a sheet or towel, so I have no temptation to pick at all. It's worked for weeks on end in the past, so I'm going to do it again. I only pick when I'm stressed as well, so I'm going to try to keep myself relaxed.


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