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Skin/lifestyle Background



Hoping this will help someone, or we can bond and share advice over similar backgrounds/experiences.

  • female, in my 20s
  • have had acne for about 10 years, severe for about 5 years
  • also diagnosed with folliculitis, flares up in summer and almost nonexistent in winter
  • redness and visible blood vessles around nose, symptoms of rosacea
  • naturally oily skin

    Medication history:
    • Never been on birth control or accutane
    • Tried countless OTC topicals, with no success. Some of the most common, benzoyl peroxide and Proactiv, were much too irritating for my skin, while salycylic acid did not produce results.
    • Clindamycin and oral antibiotics worked for a few months, took these about 3 years ago.
    • Took Spironolactone for about two weeks before giving it up after getting severe hives every night the second week.

    What has improved my skin so far:

    [*]ending the use of unnatural topicals. this was very important for me.

    [*]in the evenings, I wash with oats and tone with apple cider vinegar

    [*]licorice root extract as part of a mask has been great for scars and pores, manuka honey is also very helpful

    [*]switching to natural makeup (by afterglow cosmetics), and using it minimally

    [*]drinking peppermint tea daily has helped my skin greatly

    [*]daily exercise and reasonable exposure to sunlight, good sleep habits, actively lessening stress by avoiding overcommitment, giving myself a break, and working out anxieties

    [*]eating a vegetable-based diet, with probiotic-containing foods, and drinking (seemingly) large amounts of water

    In the summers when I am able to follow this more relaxed and healthy lifestyle with ample exercise outdoors, my skin is about 80-95% clear (depending on the time of month), which is a vast improvement over my severe acne which began several years ago. However, recently I have begun rigorous studies in a new country with a very different environment and food which my skin responded to by breaking out somewhat severely, so I am looking to become healthy again and improve my skin.


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