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Current situation:

  • flare up of folliculitis on legs and back
  • some (2-3 small) acne on face, but overall not bad
  • redness of face (rosacea still present)
  • scars from recent acne outbreaks (3-5 weeks ago)

    Other factors:
    • recent international travel
    • very humid environment, different food and sleep schedule than I'm used to, stress of academics
    • extremely bloated stomach, tiredness, skipped period

      Lifestyle changes to be made:
      1. sleep early (by 10 or 11pm at the latest) and enough
      2. drink 6-8 glasses of (lemon) water daily
      3. low/moderate daily exercise (starting out very gently due to present exhaustion)
      4. avoid dietary stressors (aka sugar and high glycemic foods, refined grains, gluten) and instead focus on vegetables, protein, and probiotic foods
      5. drink apple cider vinegar before dinner, relax when eating, chew thoroughly, eat less at each meal and more frequently
      6. be kind to myself :) and release stress

      Current topicals:

      [*]night only: wash with oats, followed by apple cider vinegar as toner

      [*]nizoral shampoo on skin (except face) daily, followed by anti-fungal cream (both over the counter)


      [*]worsening of folliculitis due to introduction of nizoral and/or anti-fungal cream a few days ago?

      [*]a visit to a doctor (and the $) possibly warranted if conditions (extreme bloating, tiredness, folliculitis) don't improve in 1-2 weeks with lifestyle changes? Possibly to check for things such as food allergies, parasites, thyroid function, hormones or just due to a new environment?

      [*]undergo a natural (herb-based) parasite cleanse? (recently eaten a variety of new foods, including a good amount of raw fish)


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