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Day 50!



Hey! Just a quick update on how I'm doing with the doxy + epiduo. I think it's getting a lot better! It's kind of hard to tell, because I have a LOT of red marks now, and I'm still really bad in terms of picking at my face. However, I have noticed my face feels a lot less uncomfortable and itchy recently- or rather, I haven't noticed anything, and have been able to think about normal, non-skin-related stuff and get on with my life! I still get maybe one or two new lumps or spots each day, but they're getting less serious (I think?), and I feel like the doxy is really making a difference. I do get some mild nausea with it most days though, especially if I take it in the morning on an empty stomach - I'd definitely recommend having it with food! I've also had a couple of weeks now of basically no appetite, which I think may be related to the doxy - but honestly it would have to be about 10x worse for me to stop taking them.

The epiduo is really making a difference at the moment as well, I'm still applying it every night and in the morning my skin looks noticeably smoother and evenly coloured. Still some flakes and dryness, but nothing near as bad as when I first started with it, and there's basically no burning now. So I guess I'm at the part where it starts to get a bit easier? My skin is even smooth enough in places to apply a little concealer when I *absolutely* have to, but so far I have only bothered twice - I'd rather use as little makeup as possible and help my skin to heal smile.png

So I guess this is a positive, optimistic kind of post - keep on going everyone, there is still hope (even if you're a serial face-prodder like I am!) New photos in my gallery for anyone interested biggrin.png


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