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Accutane Day 26

Wow, seems that things never get better. Skin looks worse than EVER!

I know that you are supposed to clear up by 2 months but I thought that the initial bad breakout would be over before then...

My skin is the worst it has ever looked and every time somewhere clears up it is suddenly awful again, seems to get worse every morning :(

I've cheated and used clindoxyl...

Also using cicaplast by la roche posay as a foundation primer - could this cause any breakouts?

Or possible my cera ve moisturizer?

Seems like the red marks will never go away! Does anyone have any suggestions?

Blah, this really is hard. I hate how much makeup I've been wearing! booo

any advice would be greatly appreciated, I'm pretty bummed right now.

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I have mostly heard that the majority of people clear up in the third month. I'm only on day 22 myself.

I'm wondering why you're thinking you should clear up if you havent even hit the two month mark.

My philosophy is: just grin and bear it, it'll be better in a few months.

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