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Nodule/cyst Between The Brows



So last night I had another of my infamous meltdowns. My roommate's friend walked in on me crying and told me "You're too pretty to cry". That made me feel worse. She asked me if I wanted to talk about it. Boy, did I, but I didn't. What can I say? I'm depressed because I'm ugly? Because I have acne? When you put it that way, it sounds so stupid. People have worse and incurable diseases out there and they can still stay positive. I feel SO guilty that having a slight skin problem affects me so negatively. With that said, I still cry every morning when I look in the mirror and every night before I go to bed. I do feel as if the month I've been on Sprintec has helped. I used to get all kinds of nodules along my jawline and close to my neck. I haven't seen or felt any of those in about a week, which is nice. A lot of my "scars" or pigmentation issues from all the inflammation seems to be calming down. Currently, I have one persistent pimple on my upper left cheek. It's really small and it doesn't hurt. It's barely visible under my makeup but it just won't go away! Similarly, I have another pimple on my lower left jawline close-ish to my mouth. It isn't huge either and it doesn't hurt too bad. Makeup covers it pretty well too. It's still annoying though because I've been putting the Lerosett clay mask on it every night and it just will not shrink! If that was all I had to deal with right now, it wouldn't be so bad. What's two pimples, right? Well I still have that huge nodule/cyst between my brows. I've been putting hot compresses on it, which reduces the swelling temporarily but it always comes back to size. Sunday night I tried cutting it off. That didn't work. I also tried putting BP and SA on it, but that just dried up the surface, making it look a lot worse. I've been putting moisturizer on it all week so it isn't as bad, but that is only relatively speaking. I know I need a cortisone shot. I've never had one before and the whole idea kinda freaks me out. But this sucker hurts SO BADLY! It's an incredibly large and painful lump. It's really hard too, like a rock. If I could get to a derm, I would, but that requires an appointment which takes time. I don't have time. I know that if I don't get a shot, it will probably take a month for this thing to go away on it's own. Since it is right in the middle of my face for all to see, I don't want to wait that long. Besides, I know what the cause is now so I can prevent this from happening in the future. I ALWAYS break out in the same spot after I eat dairy. Two weeks ago I caved and had some frozen yogurt. Days later, I felt the sucker coming on and I was helpless to stop it. If anyone has some suggestions on how to get rid of it and FAST, I would love to hear it.


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I can definitely relate to your feelings and the pain/aggravation of nodules on your face. One time I had one under my eyebrow that kept returning even after having it injected by the dermatologist. One night I took a scalpel home from work and cut it open and drained it, I was that desperate. I DO NOT advise doing that. I agree that if at all possible you should make an appointment with a dermatologist and they can inject it with a steroid to cut the inflammation and dry it up. Best of luck!

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actually i did make the appointment but ironically i put some cortisone cream on it and poof it was gone this morning. granted, i had been putting hot compresses on it all week, so that may have also played a part.

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