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What Can Cause More Acne?!

Liam Foster


So i am honestly lost for words. This morning i woke up, went to look in the mirror and saw about 5 new big inflamed spots, 1 with a head on, and it's set me wayyyy back. I have been eating healthy now for the past 2 months. I haven't had no dairy, no gluten and no wheat, 3 factors of which i thought was causing my acne in the first place, i used to eat foods with these 3 ingredients in and i used to get spots the following day therefore i saw this as a change, and it wasn't easy let me tell you. However when you have literally taken every bit of shit out of your routine, you clean your face with a good face wash, you eat healthy, you try to look after your skin with necessary rejuvenating creams etc and you get MORE spots than what you did when you were eating shit, what on earth do you do then?! I was to know people's opinions on what might be causing my acne. We can count diet out because i am honestly so confused with that atm. I have lost so much weight because of cancelling out so many foods. It cant be my face wash because iv'e been using that for a very long time now and my face has only now started to explode with painful new acne. What other things can cause acne? I know for a fact that there is something inside of me that is very wrong, and has been for a while but i don't know what it is!!! Something perhaps with my digestion or something, i just don't know. I am going to see my dermatologist next month and going to plead with him to put me on accutane and run some tests on me because this is really affecting my severe depression greatly. I have my university graduation next march, and if i have to miss out on that because of how bad my face is, it will honestly destroy me.

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Many, many things can cause acne: certain medications, any kind of material which you can put on your face (sunscreen, exfoliating creams, acne creams, soaps, makeup etc.), vitamin deficiency (Vitamin D in particular), stress. Have you tried any new food lately? That could also be a trigger. Leaning on your face too much can cause breakouts, not enough sleep, irregular skin shedding can also irritate your hair follicles of your skin.

You mentioned having severe depression which may mean that your derm won't allow you to go on Accutane in case it makes it any worse. There are plenty of other ways to cure your acne, and minimise your breakout. Ask him about Minocyline as well. Great stuff.

All the best. Just remember not to let your pimples ruin your life. They don't define you after all. Good luck!

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