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My Sick Compulsions



Well I've officially been on the birth control Sprintec for a month now. Even though I broke out the week before my period, it wasn't as bad as usual. It still sucked, but in about 2 days, I'm fairly certain that all the blemishes around my mouth area will be gone. My chin broke out a little, but nothing major. Those should fade within the week. I put the Lerosett clay mask on that weird patch on my left cheek and it looked so much better this morning! So now all I have is one small pimple on my left cheek. My right side is clear (except for some discoloration). Honestly, I would be happy except for one thing...the cyst between my eyebrows. Of course, in the worst possible spot. I only ever get cysts in that same spot. I heard that you get pimples there because of an overloaded liver. It seems like every time I ever eat dairy, that's where I break out. So no more ice cream for me :( As horrible as it sounds, I am going to take a razor tonight and cut that stupid zit off my face. I can't take it. It isn't fair that the rest of my face is clearing up but just one single cyst in the wrong place, ruins it all. It wouldn't be a big deal if, say, it went away in a week. But no. These suckers tend to last 2 weeks to a month. Sometimes longer. Anyway, I used to always cut the pimples off my face. It's horrible, I know but it's like a compulsion. I was good about it for awhile, but tonight I am going to cave to my desires. I don't recommend that anyone ever do this. But usually when I do it, it leaves just a scab, which in my opinion is better than a zit. Plus, the scab only last 3 days AT MOST, whereas the pimple would otherwise last a month. Nothing works on these monsters. I tried tea tree oil and salicylic acid. Nothing makes the swelling go down and it never comes to a head. This is my only option.


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