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After Roaccutane

I went to my four month roaccutane check up and told him I wasn't happy at all.

So another doctor at the same clinic had a look and told me those little bumps were Milia, and that I needed them extracted out.

So I was pretty pissed I went through roaccutane for pretty much nothing. My back acne has cleared up a lot but still am having to use benzoyl peroxide to maintain it being clear.

Anyway, so I got the milia extracted around October 2012 - I took about a week off work as there was scabbing everywhere and I didn't want to wear make up and clog them again. It did leave ice pick scars but in all honesty i would prefer that then bumps. In January, after a few months of letting my skin just be normal, I had a few microdermabrasions and peels just to improve my skin texture after that.

It is now about a year since my milia extraction. It hasn't come back but I am getting tiny little congestion spots (the milia was deeper and larger) so im not too concerned but just frustrated my skin isn't perfect. I get breakouts now and then but nothing major. I have scars and pigmentation which is my main concern now. I want to be able to wear no make up and feel good.

Yesterday I had pixel resurfacing treatment done. I had numbing cream put on for about an hour. The actual treatment was uncomfortable feeling but nothing too painful. She went over my cheeks twice, the second time hurt like hell.

It has been about 24 hours since the procedure, the swelling has gone down a bit but still pinkish and brown (kind of looks like I have been burnt) It feels very dry and rough and i can feel the flaky skin.