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Day One



I've finally stumbled back onto this site today, and decided to join.

After suffering and trying different things; banana peels (recently found out about this and it worked for a week), proactive (used it for almost a year, it got to be expensive and after I stopped using it, my acne was worse than before I started), home remedies, and even prescribed medication from the doctor, none of it seemed to work. Everything I have used seemed like a temporary fix.

I'm 28 and have two amazing kids. I always feel bad, now that they are in school, because I don't like socializing with any of the parents. My acne had seemed to take over my social life. It hurts when my kids ask me why my face is the way it is, why do I have all these "bimples," as they call them.

I'm a popper, a picker, a mother, a Photoshoper (i am constantly zapping my pimples with Photoshop, it's such an easy fix! But I just want to take a picture and be happy with how it came out! ! ), and just plain fed up. I'm desperately hoping that this works. I know it is going to take some time but I am ready.