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Day 11 - Son Of A...my Fault



i cant seem to win. I blame myself and my awful habit of picking. a had 2 small pimples and i had to squeeze them...then pick at them more. oh well. whats done is done and honestly, i've done worse.

i'm really good at covering up with make up. guess i'll be doing that for the next week or so.

it's a bad habit that i have gotten better at but still not perfect.

it was totally stress induced! crap at home...nuff said.

I'm looking into changing up my multivitamin to 2 that will be more balanced and complete. A simple yet complete mulit vitamin and a moderate dose of B- complex. i've heard from several sources and my dr that it helps with PMS symptoms & stress which lead to my acne.

Currently (cheek and forhead (my fault). left side of face wont seem to clear up. stop picking!!