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I should also point out that I am not gking to even touch ny skin with ny fingers or a wash cloth- I'm just going to splash or dunk some water on my face. Also nred to avoid picking or rubbing my skin.

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So I'm at the 1 month ish stage of just using cold water on my face.

Overall its been a bit up and down. Initially my skin and complexion looked quite good. This lasted for about 2 weeks. Since then I have had quite a few whiteheads, red lumps and bumps come up all over ny face.

I actually see this as a good thing though ( I'm not mad honest). This is because I have mostly been getting these bumps and white heads either where I shave which I expected or on my cheeks where I have had a lot of black heads or cloggd pores for ages. And even though in getting these lumps/ bumps/ whiteheads, the actual clogged pores seem to be going! So I believe and hope that this is my skin 'purging'- I'm pretty sure it is.

On a side note the weather has recently gotten worse and colder and so my skin looks quite dry at the.minute- althouh not as dry as when I was using Bp or isotrex. Hopefully my skin will get used to this and start to not look so dry over the next few weeks.

So overall mixed results. I feel like I'm on the right track but just got to stick with it.

Will update in a few weeks again. Thanks for reading!

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So since the last update I have cut down from splashing/ washing my face 2 a day to 1 a day. Because of thus my skin has been very oily as opposed to dry. Due to thus i have needed to wipe tge oil of with a paper towel a few times but overall the oiliness has been manageable.

In fact the oiliness seems to have actually helped the complexion of my skin again- instead of my face looking dry and scarred, the skin looks smoother and the marks and scars are fading quickly!

I'm still getting spots in the same areas- again I put the majority down to purging because i have seen a definayr reduction in the amount of clogged pores I have got in these areas.

On a side note, I have also realised shaving has been really irritating my skin and so have bought an electric razorwhich s helping my skin a lot.

Will update again soon!

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So after my last post I was still getting a few spots- nothing big, mainly whiteheads and small red lumps around my face.

Because I was still getting spots, I fooled myself into using face wash again. I started using Johnson's foaming face wash daily in the evening- I used this for a week to week and half. Big mistake! My skin started to get very dry and I developed a lot of inflammed and cystic acne which has taken the last couple of weeks to get over. Now I've got a lot of red marks left from tgese inflammed spots!

Due to this o have gone back to just using water- and have been doing this for the past week again. Using water for me is 10 x better than using any products

This latest episode in my long drama with acne has made me think in depth about how i wash ny face and how y skin feels from doing different things. I obviously have quite sensitive skin but I honestly believe that I just need to slightly alter my washing/ treatment of my skin and it will get better. Even after washing mu face with just water 2 or 1 x daily, my skin feels dry and looks dry. So this time is the last change i maje to my skincare- and that change is just to wash or rinse my face with water 3 timea week to get rid of excess oil, but not dry my face out too much.

As I say this is the last time I change my skincare routine, even if I still get a few spots. (Unless i develilop really bac ibflammed spots again which i honestly dont think i will). I wil continue to update here my/ any progress or worsening of my skin.

Thanks for reading!

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