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Ice Pick Scars



Here are photos of my right and left cheeks where you can see tons of ice pick scars

I'm 18yrs old and my ice pick scars started to appear at the age of 15. They were quite shallow at that time plus i wasn't quite bothered about them because i had lots of pimple at that time.

Now i'm almost done with my pimples but ice picks are stressing me out a lot. They are tiny holes everywhere on my cheeks, there are a few large pores too

Next week i'm gonna see a dermatologist for the 1st time. What treatment do you think will he recommend me according to my scars?

Will TCA or glycolic acid help for me?

Help please!


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Hey! Your scars are shallow and not that noticeable. The dermatologist will probably recommend peels, but TCA is too much for a first treatment. I suggest you pick the most gentle peel the first time to see how your skin reacts. I'm currently treating my red marks and scars with aloe vera peels (from Image cosmetics) and red/blue light treatments. I also do honey masks regularly to help with texture. I had a reaction to a glycolic peel once, and I never tried it again.

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