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Day 25



So, for anyone reading I'm going to do an update on my skin. My face has currently no active acne. The pores that were bumpy and clogged last week are a lot better. I squeeze them out before bed and they are gone in the morning. My face is now smooth to touch.

Cetaphil face wash and moisturiser are lifesavers! My skin is no longer dry and flaky. The biggest difference I notice is that my make up no longer needs reapplied through the day. My face has no oil and isn't shiny which is brilliant! My make up lasts from the morning and I wash it off before bed. Prior to accutane my make up would have been shiny half an hour after putting it on.

So, all in all, my accutane journey has been good ( apart from the few days of dryness before I discovered cetaphil moisturiser). I read so many horror stories on here before I started accutane, that I promised myself if my experience was good I'd share it with everyone. Feel free to ask any questions as I'd be more than happy to give advice to anyone. Can't believe my first month is nearly over!!! Time has flown by :)


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