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Day 24



I think I had my days mixed up, it's hard to keep track. Today I took my 24th tablet. I go for my blood tests on Thursday so hopefully everything will be fine and I'll get my second months prescription.

Let me give you some background about myself. When I was a teenager I had clear skin, apart from a few small whiteheads on my chest. They disappeared in my early 20's. Then they came back in my mid 20's and spread to my neck. I tried creams from the doc but they never helped. They never really bothered me as it was just random white heads here and there. Then when I was 28 my face exploded with red angry acne which spread to my neck and chest. Literally every centimetre from my forehead to my chest was covered in acne, my doc still said it was mild. He put me on tetralysal and differin which didn't help at all. I was extremely depressed and cried everyday. It got to the point where my mum was so worried about me she came home from work at lunch to check I was ok. I finally persuaded the doc that the tablets weren't working (after about 2-3 months). He changed my tablets to erythromycin and I asked him for duac which was recommended to me by a friend of my mums. The combination of erythromycin and duac kept my skin clear for nearly 2 yrs. I had the occasional spot once every few months which didn't bother me.

A few months ago I noticed small clusters of spots appearing on random parts of my face and chest. They were nowhere near as bad as what they had been but I knew the erythromycin tablets were starting to lose effect. I went to my doc and paid private to go and see a derm. When I explained that I had been dealing with acne on and off since I was a teen (I'm now 30) he said that he would happily prescribe a low dose of accutane to try and clear my acne for good. I just really hope they work....fingers crossed!!!


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