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Desperately Need People's Advice!

Liam Foster


So, i am really really really confused at the moment. Acne just doesn't make any sense whatsoever!! My body is a wreck. Let me cut straight to the point: I have been gluten, Dairy and wheat free now for while now, and therefore hardly no shit is entering my body. However, i am now getting acne literally all over my face!!! So even when iv'e cut out all of these 'trigger' foods which was very difficult, i am now getting more acne than ever before. It's so odd, like my face has just exploded with spots all over my face. And not just little ones, im talking about the big ones that hurt when you touch them, inflamed type acne.

I am just so baffled and clueless on what i should do. I am trying to eat healthy and eliminate any form of crap, and now im getting new acne every day!! I need your guys help on what i should do! I was thinking of maybe going to a nutritionist and explaining my situation to them, perhaps get a food intolerance test. I am honestly out of ideas.

When you try everything you can possibly think of to be rid of your nightmare, and still nothing works, what do you do? There must be something that i am missing, something that is wrong with my body, but i just can't think of anything, depression is on the rapid decline, and it really is scaring me at how bad it is atm.


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what do you drink? Sugary drinks can affect your diet greatly as well. Maybe what you have now is reaction to your new diet and it might come down....? Give a try to homeopathy as they tend to tackle the problem holistically. Also they can offer diluted accutane treatment if needed. The only thing that works for me now is Dan's regimen though. Do not despair, keep looking.:)

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All i drink is water. Haven't had fizzy drinks since forever. And iv'e been looking for 2 years now, it's hard not to despair

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You know I advocate amoxicillin and cephalexin. Two powerful antibiotics. I am a "natural" organic eater and almost vegetarian so I understand wanting to eat healthy. Once I threw myself into antibiotic therapy I got relief. Finally, its over.

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