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Finishing Up Week 1



So I have finished the first week of Accutane. Here are some things I've noticed:

  • lips are drier than normal but definitely not cracked/peeling yet. It is just barely uncomfortable enough that I keep some sort of chapstick or moisturizer on them during the day and slather on the aquaphor before bed
  • inside of my nose seems to be a little dry and for a lack of better words, has bloody boogers
  • still getting pimples, no more or fewer than before beginning Accutane. Although, it does seem like they dry up a bit quicker

It sure is nice to only have to wash and moisturize my face rather than doing that AND layering on prescription creams multiple times a day. From reading other people's blogs/comments it seems like others experience more drying out faster than I have. But my skin was pretty oily to begin with...

Keeping my fingers crossed that Accutane works for me because I'll be pretty let down if it doesn't.

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Just you wait, those dry lips will become your worst enemy ;) Glad it's going okay so far. Good luck! Can't wait to hear your progress.

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