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The Regimen - Day 30



So it's been a month since starting Dans Regimen! And my skin has been really hectic to care for, its been oily, its been dry. It's been flakey, it's been tight. I had to add in Castor oil and Sweet Almond oil into my routine to keep my face moisturize and keep it from drying out. The castor oil has brought life back to my skin, it now has a 'dewy' finish instead of a dry matt look BP does.

I still use jojoba oil but I find it just doesn't add enough moisture even if I add 10 drops of it to my moisturiser.

Well I had to stop using BP for about 5 days because my skin just kept wanting to flake and I had enough of the tight feeling on my entire face. Also it got really red and sensitive from neglection and I thought I was getting allergic to BP but that wasn't the case..

I brought the oils and my face is just cooperating so well with me now! I can apply BP two times a day without not one bit of stinging or burning or irritation (unlike before) and my face just stays so well maintained.

I have not yet added AHA into my moisturiser but I do use it on the days that I just can't find the time to do my BP routine in the mornings, and it acts really well as a..almost face primer? I don't really have a lot of options here in Australia and I don't really like online shopping on those sites like ebay and such as I have such bad luck when it comes to online shopping unless it comes direct from a retail website.

I really want to add Dans AHA into my routine but I just really can't afford his postage so I really cannot wait until he fixes it all, because I am going to buy some of his BP as well! Really over this cream stuff...

I have added in Cetaphil DermaControl Moisturising Lotion SPF30 and have removed Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturiser from me regimen because it was just really hurting my skin every time I used it, burning and made my face red. I might try to use it again some time again in the future in case it was because my skin was still getting used to the BP? But for now I will just stick to cetaphil products as they seem to love my skin. Also I was looking for another SPF because the Olay Complete Defence one kept balling up when I used it, But other than that I really love it! So I will definitely keep it in my cosmetics cupboard for other days.

Well yeah thats my process so far, the past week has been really good ever since I added in castor oil and sweet almond oil :)

I really would recommend those products to people experiencing the same effects.. Jojoba is great but just not enough by itself for me.

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Have you had any clogged pore using the castor oil? Its a very thick oil, so I'm wondering if its worth the risk?

I personally haven't had any problems with using castor oil smile.png It may be different on your skin though. I use it around my dark circles around my eyes at night time too and they are gone by morning and it lasts all day smile.png

**Oh I forgot to write, I only use a tiny amount compared to the amount I use of the rest of the oils. Maybe 2-3 drops :)

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