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I slept with my makeup on for the first time in MONTHS. So you can imagine the horror I felt waking up! But to my surprise..

clear face!!!

I was thinking that Tarte's Amazonian full coverage makeup foundation was irritating my skin but now I think it's safe to wear. amused.gif

I won't do it ever again but it was great to see smooth skin this morning. I still have a few blemishes but they're not too terrible.

I didn't use the BP last night so I'm thinking I should do it every other night to give my skin a break some days.

I drink a TON of water and haven't been eating too sugary of foods (I'm a sucker for salty snacks tongue.png), avoiding dairy and gluten (as always), and plan to exercise more often to get that blood pumpin! I wish I had a workout partner though! Brazil Butt Lift just isn't the same alone hahaha.

Wish me luck!

x x Stephanie