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Day 6 - Helps With Colds Too!



Let me start by clarifying that i'm not using green drinks as a substitute for anything. not a diet. i think i would starve to death if i did that lol. I'm using it as vitamins...the natural way. plus i take a multi vitamin when i remember.

i think too many pill supplements cant be good for us. just my opinion.

anyway....i thought i was getting a cold but maybe not. maybe the green drinks helped to keep it at bay. just a dry/sore throat for one day and done. I usually get a cold for about 7 days and they SUCK!

I’m liking my drinks so far! cant say the same for my husband LOL...good ...more for me :)

i've notice my skin is clearing up a bit but that may be because I’m done with my PMSing. sorry TMI. my acne comes and goes in waves. next week may suck...i'll let ya know. i'm hoping the one i have forming in my joules will not get any bigger and dry up. i hate those...right in the smile line...ick....so hard to cover.

Currently - less dry, healing cheek, picked a stupid small one on my chin, smile line clogged black head (watch and see). DONT PICK!