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Dermatologist Update



Hey, so I seen the dermatologist yesterday. He said that he was really pleased with my progress and that I have responded better than usual to the differin and dianette combination. He advised staying on dianette for another few months and hopefully after that the differin should keep things clear, I'm a bit scared tough, I just want to stay on Dianette forever, but I am going to look into other alternative birth control that can help or at least not aggravate acne...any advice girls??? I also asked him about my scarring, he said I have mild atrophic scars, very shallow, he said that I should get some re modelling and eventually only I will know that they are there, he used a wee torch with a magnifying glass and said he was looking at my skin in the most unflattering light you can get. To be honest I was hoping he would say they would go away completely...I guess in the back of my mind I always knew that I would be left with some marks. I have seen people on the gallery who have shallow marks and the seem to completely disappear or are virtually un noticeable...what are your experiences?? I asked about laser, he said if in a year or so I am still un happy then I could consider it, but he wouldn't recommend it and I should see how much they fill in in that time. He said if I do go ahead then mine are the easiest to treat. I asked about that cyst that hasn't budged and he said it will just take time, apparently I have a mild sinus tract..where cysts join together, it isn't active anymore and you can't see it just feel it, he said I may always feel it and it will probably get smaller but is now scar tissue under the skin, but will not be noticeable on the surface.

To be honestly I am still upset about the scars...you can only see then if I hold the mirror under my chin and shin light on them and I am hopeful that another few months of this regimen, now that things are clear, will help to improve them further. I need to learn that no one is perfect, and stop thinking why me? why did I get that big cyst? I literally have no other ones on my face so I think it was from a bad reaction from products I was using, so please be gentle to your skin!

Anyway onwards and upwards....and any advice on scarring or birth control would be great :)

Gill xx


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