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Where I'm At Now..

I stopped using crappy makeup, and while I liked the mineral makeup I purchased from Alima Pure.. it's just not enough coverage. So I went to Sephora and picked myself up some Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation and continue to use a Physician's Formula powder.

My skin looks pretty great with the two, but I would still like to be using products with more natural ingredients.

I still use Carley's Clear Skin line and really like it. I had wonderful skin about a week back but now that it's closer to my time of the month my face is raging. Honey at night before my moisturizer really helps and my skin looks brand new in the morning but by night time it's back to annoyed, red skin. I've wondered many a times if maybe I have hormonal issues. I asked my general physician if she could test my hormone levels but she said that didn't seem necessary.

I think my gyno can do that so I'm going to ask really soon. :)

I also switched my routine around so that I exfoliate / use the BP at night and bought Rosehip Seed Oil and used it last night and this morning. The smell is pretty offputting but I like the feel of it under my moisturizer and I've heard it can really even out the skin and prevent aging!

x x Stephanie


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