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Wondering If You Guys Experienced This



Alright! So it's been two month since I've started the regime properly.

I had immediately noticed a difference and had chronicled my progress over the first month with detailed obs once a week along side taking pictures.

*gasp* my skin had cleared up within the month! Better yet, my hormonal acne didn't sprout up. I'd still get some breakouts, but they were small and cleared up quickly.

However, I noticed that things changed during the second month (beginning of Sept-now). My skin is clearer than it's been pre-regime, but some of my acne that went away in the first month has returned, hormonal and all.

I'm a bit at a loss as to why it's returning (mildly). I stick to the regimen now especially closely, the hardening effect's subsided, there's no burning and what not...but I'm finding my skin not as clear as the first month.

I'm curious as to whether anyone's experienced this, and if you've turned to adding AHA, how's that helped/not helped.

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hi!! yeah same here - my skin cleared up so quickly BUT I do get a few infrequent breakouts here and there. it's so weird, you would think that your skin is finally clearing up and would stay that way. I guess at the end of the day this is a topical treatment and our breakouts are due to hormonal issues so there's only so much it can really do. I'm not complaining by any means - I'm pretty darn happy with how my skin has come along.

I tried adding AHA after the first month and that was a terrible idea for me - it made me skin really flaky x: however it's been awhile and I finally mustered up the courage to use it again. This time around it's working out quite nicely! I think it helps more with the texture of my skin and not necessarily the breakouts though.

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