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Someone please help! I am so desperate…cry.gif

Ill give you a brief history of my acne story. I started getting one or two pimples in 6th grade and its progressed as I got older. At the time they were small and easy to cover up with powder. Towards the end of 8th grade I woke up one day with a patch of pimples down my cheek.. I thought it was a rash.. So that basically began the struggle I have till this day a Senior in high school.

My acne is different from lots of pimples because a lot of times the pimples I get are the type that if you try to pop them they just bleed & SO stubborn to get rid off. I get cystic at time that are EXTREMELY painful.

My skin was always weird. I would go to bed with no pimples and through out the day get a entire break out usually in one random area. They were stubborn to get rid of and makeup could not hide them.

I have used every product under the sun.. Literally you name it I have tried it. Lots of different antibiotics, retina A, epidu, diffren, dermalogical, Lazer treatments, facials that burned and peeled.. I even went all natural and used no harsh chemicals, changed my diet.. Some things would work for a while but then the acne would come back full force.

I know it sounds bad but it has ruined a lot of things for me. I know their are people that are in more serious situations.. This is just something that I feel has held me back. Ive missed dances and so many school days because of my skin.. I started drinking and I got so depressed because of it.. I ended up having to be put on anti depressants because a psychologist said I was depressed.

I was able to snap out of all that after I realized Im not taking any more pills. I was able to control my breakouts to One a month and life was really good. i would still get the occasional break out that would be terrible. MY PIMPLES burn, bleed, and scab.. even if I don't try to pop them they always leave marks.

Also I know makeup is bad for skin but I can't go in public without my break outs coverd.. I have very pale skin and the breakouts are so red and I have so many pink spots left from recent pimple Its bad.. My mom has spend over 10,000 on treatments for my skin including different makeups. I have a high grade makeup called Jane Irdel.. Im starting to think its not to safe for my skin..

Im having this problem around my mouth and chin for over a month now.. that pimples won't go.. At one point I had 5 cystic pimples on my chin.. terribly painful. Now I have pimpled on the skin around my upper lip. There corner of my mouth, cystic pimple in the middle, a culter of 3 pimples that look like blood boils, and a breakout on the other side of my chin..

Is it my hormones? Ive researched so many things and Ive tried taking birth control.. What is it? Why does my body get used to every treatment I choose…


I really want to be successful and I wish I could have the confidence go out with the breakouts but I can't .. I know its terrible and I feel like a brat asking for help but I really really need help..


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