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Bad Times

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Hi everybody,

As with everybody else on this website I suffer with acne. And like pretty much everybody on here it is getting me down.

I have tried a lot of things in the past- all the usual creams, prescriptions and OTC products. Currently I have had no success.

The thing that irritates me the most is that I feel I should not be suffering with acne anymore- I'm 23 and have had acne for 10 years. It destroys my confidence and it angers me that I do not know what the cause is- there must be a cause but so far nothing has worked! My confidence is so low that I really struggle with every day life. I find it hard to admit how much this stuff I affecting me to people and just feel quite lonely, hence why I'm posting on here lol.

So anyway- I have recently been reading about the caveman/ water only routines and attempted to give it a go as nothing else has worked. I kidded myself in that I thought it would be easy to do as essentially you do very little to your skin. However it is so hard trying to stick with it- I have gotten a lot of lumps and bumps and spots form so far and again it is just putting me down. So I would just like some support from people who have tried these routines and found them successful.

I guess the main reason for me joining and posting on this site is because I do not know anybody else who suffers with their skin as much as I do, and I just need some support and suggestions on how to make my acne and self-esteem better. I need some support as it is so hard to talk to people who do not suffer with acne because they do not really understand how you feel; and as I say I feel in a pretty bad way with everything at the minute.

Anyway thanks for reading,


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Hi Jamie,

Have you considered Accutane?

Also, not sure if you are a guy/girl, but if you're a female, what about birth control?

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