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Week 13



Hey...so week 13 of Dianette and week 12...3 months of pretty much daily use of Differin. No actives..apart from that damned clogged pore/cyst I have, you can't even see it, just feel it, just need to wait it out I guess. But apart from that my skin is doing well. I have some body dismorphic issues wit my skin...I am convinced I have a couple of indents under my red marks...but the gradually seem to be evening out. And I trust differin. If it has reduced my active breakouts in three months then surely by six months things will be even better! ( I don't want to jynx things though). My red marks are starting to go away a bit quicker now everything is calmed down, and my oiliness had got much much better, I do a really good cleansing routine at night and when I woke up on Saturday my skin looks so nice and supple, not oily...I didn't even feel the need to wash my face till that night...something I never do! I am just about to go on my weeks break from Dianette so hopefully no nasty surprises. Overall..feeling positive today and when I look in the mirror I can kinda see the 'old' me coming back. Still same cleansing routine, I love this gentle aha lactic acid cleanser, does not strip my skin at all, feels great, just that, then differin and moisturise at night, then just my cleanser and moisturise in the morning :) only using powder now as my make up. Seeing my dermatologist on Wednesday for a follow up, so I will keep you all posted on what he has to say.

Hope you are all doing well :)


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