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My First Entry - But Day 2 On Green Smoothies



A little bit about me:

I'm 33 but I've been suffering from moderate acne since i was in middle school (more severe in high school). Just like ya'll...I’ve tried everything. I was this close to starting accutane when my insurance said they wouldnt cover it for people over 24. GRRRrrrrr.

Currently I’m on 3 prescriptions but my acne is still mild/moderate (benzaclin, aczone and Reffissa). a few comedones with the occasional deeper zit. I often get dry from using too many products. The dryness seems to counteract the topicals. i'm still trying to find a balance. I love my moisturizer but i tend to overdo it with the tea tree oil and panoxyl wash (mainly for my back). I need to stop using it on my face...way too harsh.

anyway..... since i was denied accutane I’m going to stay on the topicals but try a more balanced and natural approach. I've starting drinking fruit and veggies smoothies in the morning (green drinks and what ever i feel like putting the blender at the time). They taste great but i do get lazy. I need your help for ideas, helping me stick with it and for the occasional "it'll be alright". I'm also going to cut back on my drinking. Alcohol seems to dry me out.

basically, at 33, i'm tired of still getting zits. i'm just tired and frustrated. it affects every aspect of my life and i want to learn how to not let it. it's just a pimple right!!! to you maybe...to me...it's the size of Montana!

i'm also going to talk to my Gyno to get my hormones tested. perhaps i need to be on a different birth control.

anyway....welcome to my journey...thanks for following!

currently - PMSing, 3 small comedones (forehead, lip and chin) and one zit on left cheek


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