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Day 52 - People Suck!



I am back to wearing makeup. I went makeup free for about a week, until I overheard two of my male co-workers talking about me and my skin. Here's the story... I ran into one of my co-workers on a Saturday night out with my husband. He didn't seem to recognize me at first because I was all dolled up (full face of makeup) for a concert my husband and I were going to. The next Monday I came into work and overheard him and another male co-worker talking about the Saturday night run in and it was horrible. He said, "I ran into her on Saturday night and barely recognized her... she looked absolutely gorgeous." My other co-worker (well, actually my boss) said, "So she gets all dolled up to go out, but puts in zero effort and looks like [email protected]#$%^&* for work?" Yup, I wanted to die. I only went makeup free for a week for crying out loud.

Look, I know that my skin looks bad. I know that most people cannot tell that I have acne when I wear makeup, but I want my skin to heal. I am pretty sure that it will heal if I continue to wear makeup, but I'm also pretty sure it's going to take longer than it would if I went makeup free. It took a long time (years) for me to get up the courage to go without makeup and then I walk in on that conversation. I don't know that I'll ever be able to go makeup free again. It just hurts and totally kills my self esteem. Gahhhh... end of the story, people suck. I don't go around pointing out my co-workers bad teeth, or breath, or yes, even the acne my boss is trying to hide by growing out his beard... annnd why don't I? Because it is rude! Flat out rude. What fucking jerks!

Now, back to my skin and its current status. It seems as though things are FINALLY settling down. I'm still getting blemishes, BUT... they are becoming less frequent. My left jaw looks a million times better - no new actives, just battling hyperpigmentation now. I am loving the AHA!!! I really feel like it has made the biggest difference in my skin. I use it twice a day following the treatment with a few drops of jojoba oil mixed and a light spray of VG for good measure. I quit using the crap DKR moisterizer. Me no like. Yes, I am not using DKR exactly as Dan has directed. I think everyone skin is different and you have to do what works for you. I mean seriously, I've tried a million different things that worked for this friend, or for that co-worker... but they didn't work for me. This is what is working for me, so I am sticking with it... for now.

I don't have any new pictures to post, but will try to get some up in the next week.


The men that you work with are obviously assholes (pardon my language). I really give you a lot of credit for being brave enough to go without makeup for a week because I know that I could never do that and I know that a lot of other girls wouldn't be able to either. And you're also doing something about the fact that you have acne which is a million times better than not doing anything about it at all and moping around. So you're going to have to excuse my French again, but fuck what your boss thinks and fuck what your coworkers think. You are SO MUCH MORE than just a woman who has a little bit of acne.

And also congratulations on your skin clearing up!! I know it's a long-term fight, but keep it up!!

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Thanks! I really appreciate the kind words. It was a rough day to say the least. I have yet to go makeup free again. Hopefully, my skin will clear and I can stop wearing foundation forever. That's the plan at least.

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