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Zyderma: Day 3



Okay, despite skepticism I'm actually seeing some real results here. Acne has definitely reduced and skin is no longer irritated (even after shaving). As well, skin isn't drying out or stinging after applying the cream.

The Zyderma cream seems to keep working even after a long day of intense physical activity and sweating. This in particular intrigued me, as I'm used to other products wearing off after the first couple of hours and skin becoming more irritated. From what I found this is from a "depot & time-release" effect, where the Microsilver BG stays on the surface of the skin by settling into the small folds of the skin and on the surface of pores. And due to it's composition, this type of silver releases a consistent concentration of silver ions during the day, so it doesn't wear off (until you wash your face, of course).

For all of those who have asked... Microsilver BG is NOT colloidal silver and NOT toxic. It has a very large particle size and does not penetrate the skin. Believe me, I made sure I confirmed this before using the product.

I've been consistently applying the cream once in the morning and once at night. The cream spreads evenly and only a small amount is required to cover the whole affected area.


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