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Carley's Clear And Smooth Skin!



Oh.. my.. god.

I have FINALLY found something that produces consistent results...

I bought their acne treatment (that comes with a full size soap bar and samples of their moisturizers - all AMAZING) and am speechless. It has BP in it, so I was wary but after seeing their guarantee and plentiful reviews I felt great purchasing it.

I'm wondering if anyone here has ever tried their stuff?? It was free 2-day shipping and all of their ingredients are pure and non-acnegenic.

My skin is SUPER sensitive so I really didn't think this was gonna do all that much but make my face a bright red mess. I was wrong, this is amazing and I will continue to use it FOREVER. The price is great and you get SO much product. It's supposed to last 3 months. Truly amazing. I would become a spokesperson for them any day haha.

Here is my new regimen:


*Natural soap, acne treatment, natural soap with washcloth, and rinse

*Pat dry and apply either Cetaphil lotion or their sample daytime lotion


*Simple Brand makeup remover wipe, natural soap, and rinse

*Pat dry and apply either Cetaphil lotion or their sample midnight lotion then a dime size amount of Dan's AHA+

Noticeable difference in my skin tone and clarity. So glad I fell upon such a great company and product line.

It also must help that I've been using better makeup (Alima Pure). Also pure ingredients and easier to wash off at the end of the day. Not a whole lot of coverage but if I need more I use my CoverGirl Outlast 3-in-1 foundation. sick.gif I know, bad!!

x x Stephanie