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Going To See An Esthetician

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Hey guys just wanted to let you know my next step of research for skin!

My acne has improved tremendously. I think Its because of taking yaz! I still will get 1 or 2 pimples on my cheeks every other week, which is not a big deal. My only struggle is the scars right now!

So, I decided to go see an esthetican and try some microdermabrasion!

I will let you know how that goes!

***Also, I am 100% possitive that smoking causes acne problems. I really want to quit, but everytime I try I get a massive breakout. I am just scared of the breakout and have been putting it off. Ughhhhh whyyyy me. I wish I had never started smoking. SO STUPID OF ME.

Any tips on quitting without the horrible break out??

My guess would be probiotics, vitamins, and water, and maybe some excercise!

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Girl, I think I may have already posted this to you in another comment awhile back, but get an e-cig. Not one of the cheap $50 crappy ones. Make an investment and get a Provari. Best thing I ever did. Have been quit for over a year and am slowly decreasing my nicotine level, should be completely nicotine free by the end of the year and it has been SOOOO easy. It made a HUGE difference in my skin when I stopped smoking and started vaping. I tried going cold turkey, tried the patches and the gum and nothing worked for more than a few months. Try it... you won't regret it. Message me if you want more info. and definitely post your microdermabrasion results. I am starting to look into what to do about my scars, so any advice you have would be great.

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