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Well almost all of me active acne is gone now. I'm super depressed though, anyway. I thought I should be happy but I'm not. The scars are going to take a long time to go away. I know they aren't deep but I have such fair skin that every red/pink mark shows. It'll take weeks, if not months for the scars to completely fade. When I wear makeup, my skin looks flawless since there aren't anymore bumps. When I get out of the shower though, my face is completely red and blotchy. I wish the scars would just fade already. I haven't been picking at my skin so it seems like it shouldn't take so long for the scars to fade. I don't understand why they stick around for so long. I just want them to go away so I can say that I have fully recovered from having 2 years of persistent acne. When this ends, I want to forget it ever happened. I don't want the people I know to remember me by what I look like now. In a few months, I want perfect skin that others will be jealous of, the kind of skin that people wonder if I've ever had a zit in my life.

Right now my self esteem is really low and I am really down in the dumps. Maybe I've beaten the acne, but with the scars still there, it might as well still be there.


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