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Best Beauty Tips To Remove Skin Blemishes!

barbara mory


Overview on skin blemishes

People with stains on skin feels embarrassed and have lower self-esteem. This can affect the skin color, texture and prove disgusting to some of you. The blemishes, scars are caused due to multiple reasons. They affect the appearance and also have adverse impacts on skin. They make your skin to look uneven and have unsightly complexion.

Most of you might search for the ways that would help you to treat the blemishes and lighten your skin tone. However, too many tips and suggestion on the web could create confusion. Here's presenting some of the beauty tips which helps to remove the blemishes and scars on skin. But before we discuss the solution it would be better to have a quick look at the exactly causes of the blemishes.

What are blemishes and its Causes?

The blemishes are also called as pimples, acne and zits. They are caused due to the blocked pores caused by over production of sebum, oils and dead skin cells. The bacteria get trapped with the dead skin cells and create painful blemishes. These can be quite embarrassing and make you look darker than your original skin tone.

How to treat them naturally?

Some of the natural treatments to get rid of the skin blemishes include using the home remedies. You should follow the cleansing, moisturizing and toning for treating the blemishes of skin. This prevents the formation of blemishes and improves your overall appearance.

If you are skeptical to opt for medical treatments you can use the herbal medicine for improving the issue on dermis.

Applying the paste of veggies or the pulp of fruits provides natural oxidation to your skin. This is effective to fade the blemishes and provides you a natural bleaching effect. This helps to eliminate the dark marks and scars thereby provide you naturally toned skin. Carrot is effective for providing you anti-oxidant properties that renews your skin texture and provide you natural glowing skin.

These methods help to prevent the formation of stains on skin caused due to excessive sun exposure. Crushing cucumber and applying its juice is effective to provide you healthy and naturally radiant skin. This is also effective to remove the uneven patches on skin.

1. Cleanse: run washcloth dipped in hot water. The steam of the wash cloth helps to open the clogged pores. Blend using sea salt and water to form a fine paste. Apply this paste in circular motion which sloughs the dead skin cells. Wash off with warm water this helps to fade the blemishes and also prevents your skin from drying.

2. Moisturize: remove the leaves from strawberries and mash them. Mix half a teaspoon of honey, blends it well. This paste has effective antibacterial property which removes dead skin cells thereby prevent the formation of blemishes. Apply this on the dry skin and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash it with water and use fingers this removes the deposits of honey on skin.

3. Toning: mix four to five drops of oil with water and use it as a toner. This tightens the skin and prevents the bacteria that form blemishes. Drop an Aspirin which has antibacterial property which prevent the painful blemishes. Dab this mixture onto the wash cloth and spread it to your skin. Rinse off immediately with cool water this acts as a natural toner for removing the scars and blemishes. This helps to prevent the pain and provide you radiant and healthy skin.

Skin brighteners

You might have come across loads of skin brighteners which are flooded in market and also available via online. These products contains natural herbs which are effective to provide you healthy whitening. Regular usage helps to treat the scars, black blemishes on skin and give you even tone. These products are easily found and can be bought at affordable prices.

These products have been tested for its effectiveness to provide you healthy skin brightening. They are the latest and safest alternative for treating the skin issues thereby provide you fair complexion.


Read the skin brightener reviews before you opt for any one. This will give you more insight regarding the features of the product and how they work to remove the blemishes on skin.


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