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Well maybe I didn't knock hard enough on wood last night because I got two pimples on my left cheek this morning. They aren't huge and I can cover it with makeup but it still stinks. It's probably punishment for popping a few of them in that area earlier in the week. My forehead and nose are still clear. My right side of my face doesn't have any active pimples but there is plenty of scarring and redness, making it look worse than it is. Luckily when I scar, it doesn't leave a permanent mark. It just takes a few weeks for the dark spots to fade. I've been applying Mederma to help it heal faster. Anyway, I started back on the birth control Sprintec, which is the cheaper version of Ortho Tri Cyclen. Hopefully that will take care of my hormonal acne. Fingers crossed that there will be no initial breakout and my acne will continue to heal.