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Cystic Acne

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I barely get cystic acne, but when I do it swells up pretty bad and it hurts a lot. Unlike other people that get cysts on near their jaw or scalp, I get breakouts near my nose. Right now, I have a cysts next to my nose and it hurts a lot saywhat.gif . When I got a cyst 2-3 months ago, it went away in about 2 days because I didn't pick it and didn't swell. On Saturday, I got a cyst, but it didn't show that much. On Sunday it was bearable, but later on it got super red and started hurting a lot. This morning I saw a whitehead on the cyst so then I took my comodone pusher and then tried to get rid of the cyst. I got some liquid and pus out but the cyst is still there. Worst of all, the skin on top of the cyst peeled off and now the skin teared off. So I put on SA and when that dried I put on neosporin. Can someone please help me how to get rid of the cyst and how the skin can heal faster?

*Sorry this was so long, and thank you in advance! hifive.gif

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