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Week 12



So 3 months mark of dianette and 11 weeks of differin. Not much difference to report, I did get one spot/blocked pore in my breakout area on my cheek, I burst it (I can't help myself). It kina scabbed over a wee bit and is now away apart from the redness. Stil have that blocked pore/cyst but though in the last day or two that it was maybe going down a bit. Chin is still very clear as is the rest of my face. I keep getting frustrated thinking I might be left with a couple of scars. but as time goes on I can see them getting lighter and evening out a bit, my PIH is down again. I've been back excercising again and it feels great and my skin looks really good afterwards. Just now I only dot concealor on my marks, whcih is a bout two or three and then put on some powder on top, so I really don't wear much make up. My aim is to have my skin looking really nice for Christmas time, so I'm trying not to sweat about the marks just now and hopeful for even more improvement by then. I'm still so glad I used the differin, I have noticed a massive difference, and maybe not perfect yet but sooo much better than it was and something I can maintain with the added benefit of anti aging. I have cut down the applications to my forehead since it has cleared. Still using the lactic acid cleanser and Aveene moisturiser. So pretty much the same with marks slowly getting better. The texture in my breakout area is getting much better as well, pores as getting smaller and the area is looking smoother, more like my normal skin. I still blame BP a little bit as the rest of my face is so clear, apart from my left cheek where I applied the most BP, really would advise people to be cautious when using it. But I can't change the past so just need to focus on healing.

Gill xx


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