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Happy To Be In Good Company :)

Have to say, after just a week of perusing other posts and getting feedback from other members that I definitely feel like I'm in good company. The interaction between acne sufferers is not only supportive but incredibly informative & useful. Don't think I could've done as well researching the various options alone. Thanks acne.org :)

With everybody's help, I've narrowed down a couple options that I'll try next... for acne scars, professional CO2 fractionated laser & home micro needling. The latter option I still have yet to find a regimen to manage risk of infection (don't want to catch something like MRSA while "aerating" my face like you would a lawn). I look forward to the anti-aging benefits of these treatments as well, lol.

But before I go the more expensive & invasive approach, I'm first going to try to the Sirius Aurora Light system which another member found cheap online. Just hope the blue led light is of sufficient power to work.

Also, I found a new product called Zyderma that claims no side effects which is encouraging. My expectations are low as I've tried everything else under the sun, but I'm happy to find a product that won't strip my skin of it's natural oils and flora.

Hoping to get the Sirius and Zyderma products this week. I'll try whatever arrives first and post my results here.

Fingers crossed!