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I've been prescribed metformin 500mg a day for PCOS to regulate my periods and hopefully control my break outs but I don't know anyone that has been on it ?

Any info? Does it work?Any tips?

My two concerns are - I'm not on Birth control.

I binge drink with my friends pretty much every weekend. Friday night/Saturday night I start with a few glasses of wnie then go onto vodka and lemonades with lime and shooters maybe 5/6. I know binge drinking is bad anyway but I'm young.

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metformin for periods? that's a first I've heard of that. I've never heard it prescribed for anything else but regulating blood sugar levels.

I'm surprised you weren't prescribed some sort of birth control considering hormones have a much more influence over your period than something to regulate sugar levels...at least that's what I know.

As for binge drinking - I won't lie, your last sentence made me wince a little bit lols...Your liver is taking a beating and will probably decrease its ability to filter out toxins in your body efficiently, y'know since it's working overtime with all that alcohol. It's your life at the end of the day so do whatever floats your boat.

Best of luck!

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yeah, it is supposed to regulate your hormones by regulating blood sugar levels as people with P.C.O.S.

I've been on various birth controls none of which helped my acne in anyway - Dianette and Yasmin actually made it worse!

Binge drinking - it's a personal choice, one which I guess is big in British culture. I know it's not the healthiest thing to do but unfortunatly it's my choice...I don't drink too excessivley and I just don't want to stop partying for some med again like I had to with roaccutane.

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