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The Regimen - Day 17



It's day 17 and I was going to do an update earlier then this but I just got really busy and went away for a week with the boyfriend! I only just upped my dosage to putting BP on mornings as well, I was going to do this ALOT earlier, like last week on day 8 but I just couldn't find the time, I was flat out trying to find time to do my regimen every night as it was!

But yeah today I put half a fingers length of BP on instead of skipping it. I am trying to up my dosage to a fingers length but I really don't wan't to rush it and I still have another 2 weeks to work my way up to it anyway.

I have been taking some multi-vitamins everyday and trying to drink as much water as possible! I don't actually know how much water i'm drinking, but it's alot and I feel very cleansed and healthy because of it. Also 4 vitamin C (chewable) tablets daily, I don't know if this has much to do with my skin but it's more because they taste good and I hate getting sick smile.png

I've been still getting a little pimple every few days sad.png but I think that is because I was only applying the BP at nights, So I will see how it goes doing it two times a day. They arent big ones they usually go away by the next day. Although I did get a big nasty one under my chin while I was away! I wore makeup the day before though.. Heavy stuff :/ I ended up putting that stuff away at the back of my cupboard when I came home.. I got some Almay makeup while I was away as well, Although I don't actually know if I got the correct products :/ So I am going to order some more Almay products online.

I used to use napoleon perdis products I brought online or found in chemists - usually a consultant who can tell you about all the products next to their stand. I used to use their heavy concealer/makeup stick! It was really heavy and thick and does 100% coverage, but seriously unless you have perfect non-acne prone skin don't use it.. I know now..

I think my pimples and mild acne is actually caused by these heavy products? I read somewhere that it's called cosmetic-acne or something like that and while I was reading about it I was like YEP that's me.. But pfft I don't know -_-

I have been using jojoba oil since day 1 about 3-4 drops in with my moisturiser. And the past 2 weeks when I knew I wasn't putting BP on because I didn't have time, I actually applied some lavender oil on my face with a cotton pad and a drop or two or water to dilute it a little. It has actually made my red spots/scars less noticeable and i'm sure If i kept doing it for another two weeks they may actually disappear. I think I will apply it under my BP in the future although i'm going to read up first if I can do that without stuffing the regimen up..


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