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Cystic Acne



i was wondering if someone could help me.

ive had acne every since i was 15 and im now 19. before it was just a pimple here and there, never more then 2 or 3. when i turned 17 it started getting worse nothing i couldnt handle though. now im 19 and i have cysts on my chin, 2 of them actually. i just had my son 8 weeks ago, im not sure if it can be hormonal from that? or just a long time coming because my dad suffered with severe acne until his late 20's. i have black heads on my nose as well. i still get a zit here and there on my checks which i have some acne scarring on but what really bothers me are these big painful ones. ive become really insecure about my face i never was until this past year, after i wash it its just red! )-: idk what to do. my boyfriend says he doesnt even notice it but i know hes just being nice. whenever im at school walking by people or in class i always see them look. its so embarrassing.. HELP!

the derm put me on doxycycline 100mg twice a day, tretinoin gel 0.025% and clindamycin 1%, has anybody had experince with those?!


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