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10Mg Claravis



Hello everyone, I am very excited to create my own log. I am 23, 180 pounds athletic physique male college student, yes Im still in college, about a year and half to go. I will try to make this summary as short as possible. I used to have horrible acne when I started highschool from football I blame it on. It totally destroyed who I was and I ended up pushing pretty much every single person out of my life. I really hated myself. It took everything there is too take and I have done pretty much every med spa treatment there is. My acne is no where comparable to what it was, It is mild now from the antibiotics but my redness and scarring can not heal when my skin is still breaking out. We all know once youve had acne that took over 8 year of my life away you want it completely dead and the memory gone. With how my face is I cant do that yet and I am tired of my skin sucking my life away. Yes I know we should not let it phase us but that is easier said then done. I finally started the 10mg today claravis and I will try to update as much as possible if anyone is interested. I am so scared yet excited at the same time, if this works I will be the happppiestttt perssoonnnn everrrrrrrrrr!!! Wish me luck if you want!!


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