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*latest Update*

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Haven't updated in a while about my skin because I have been waiting to see my results. Since being on my new birth control (yaz), I have actually not had anymore bad break outs. I am almost completely weaned off from my doxy meds (thank god). My skin seems to be doing a lot better. I will only get a few pimples here and there. My main issue is the scars on my cheeks. I am looking into getting microdermabraision to help with that. I also plan to never go back to my dermatologist again!!!!

My clear skin diet, however, is not up to par. I have missed eating certain foods, and been traveling a lot so it is hard to stay completley healthy. I don't really think it helped much with my skin because I was really strict about it and did not see any results other than my body looking good haha. But I also felt a lot healthier on the inside, and want to keep doing it..... just still let myself have some cheat days ( I need my chocolate and cocktails)

***Another major tip that helped improve my skin was going to the beach a lot. I would literally not put any suncreen on my face for an hour. I would tan my face in the sun for like 15 minutes then run to the ocean and wash my face with the salt water. I kept repeating that, and it really helped my skin. Then after apply my moisturizer (olay spf 15) as my sunscreen. I am going back again this weekend and can't wait to do the same process.

I get made fun of by all of my friends for being so obsessed with dieting, vitamins, and anything that has to do with my skin. They just don't understand people who have acne I guess.

I can't wait to be able to show before and after pictures of my skin someday.

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