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New Treatment Starts



I'm a 38-year old woman who has struggled with adult acne for 6 years. I did not suffer from acne during my teenage years - it wasn't until I hit my early 30s when I started to notice a drastic change in my skin.

Most recently I've noticed that it's getting worse and nothing I've tried seems to be working. After trying so many products and regimens, I decided to go to a new dermatologist hoping that a new treatment will work.

In the past I have used products that have helped somewhat, but not enough to get rid of the problem completely- among them: Duac, Differin, Benzoyl Peroxide, Erythromycin, products with salicylic acid, retin-a, and tea tree oil, glycolic acid peels, dermabrasion treatments, and professionally done extractions.

Other stuff just hasn't worked: Ziana gel, Proactive, oral antibiotic Doryx.

Today I started a new topical gel called Finacea and an oral antibiotic called Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim.

Game on acne!!