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Day 1-4 Accutane

C Holmes


I figured I would do a blog on my accutane journey. I started accutane this past friday 6 Sept 2013 on 40mg a day. I'm 28 yrs old/African American female. (I apologize in advance for the long blog)

A little background on me is I have dealt with cystic ance, whiteheads,and blackheads for 8 years. I've used Retin-A, Benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, and other things. I decided that I was done with trying everything else and was ready to go on the accutane. In July I was given an antibiotic called Bactrim (until I started accutane) which brings out cystic acne from the skin and dries it out. I will say that what pimples I had on my face dried up in four days while on Bactrim. Also when I was prescribed Bactrim I was also given another presciption of Retin-A and DUAC. Using those three combinations I say that my skin finally got under control as far as acne goes and started clearing up, probably the best I had ever seen my skin in 7 years. Right now I have moreso scarring a maybe a pimple or two now. Even though Bactrim really works, eventually your body will become immune to it, plus it is only a temporary fix. I only stayed on Bactrim for three weeks.

The day I started accutane, I was also given a presciption of Aquaphor, Cetaphil cream, eyedrops, and Ceta-klenz (facial wash). I'm not necessarily sure when I should expect to see dry skin or chapped lips but I'm on day four and don't have any of the major side effects so far but maybe-maybe not that could change. What I would recommend is that the day you start accutane is the day you should start doing your skin regime, meaning do not wait until your body starts to become dry to start applying your creams and stuff like that. I have always been a avid chapstick wearer, so I refuse to walk around with chapped lips. I am currently using Burt's Bee's and vasaline for my lips and so far so good, but again its early. At night I use the aquaphor on my body, and in the morning I use the cetaphil cream. I was unaware I would be given Ceta-klenz facial wash so I had already went out and brought Cetaphil facial wash and I use that day/night (I started using that in the beginning of August). For toner I use Dickinson's oil free witch hazel and I use Ambi moisturizer which is moreso used on African American skin. It is oil free and contains SPF 30. On day one of accutane I started putting the aquaphor in my nostrils to prevent nose bleeds. I put the aquaphor up my nose morning and night, and I also keep vaseline at work just in case I need to apply something up my nostrils during the middle of the day. I will post a picture of my skin as well. Disregard the blanket over my head it was early in the morning.

Oh I also lift weights, my muscles are sore anyway form that but I will keep you guys posted if I notice more soreness in mucles while on accutane.


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