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My Story



Back when I was in 7th grade, I was just starting middle school. At first my skin was fine, I had no blemishes.. But then as 8th grade came along I was going through my awkward stage and of course my skin started to get bad. I kept getting more and more stressed about it that it caused more acne. I tried many acne treatments such as, proactiv, acne free, epiduo, and murad.. None of them worked, they just irritated my skin even more. I hated going to school, talking to people because I knew all they saw was my acne. It was a tough time for me, my mom even felt terrible for me, so one day she came home from work and brought me differin. At first I was skeptical but I was willing to try anything, so after I did my research I started using it, and within a few months I seen huge results! Ever since then, I've had more confidence, guys started taking interest in me, and I know that people aren't looking at my acne anymore. I am now a junior in high school and my skin is still clear, I do get my occasional time of month pimples but other than that everything is fine! (: I am telling you, if you want to get clear skin, talk to your dermatologist and ask for differin. It really works (: in both pictures I am wearing face make up, but not a lot I promise. The picture on the left is me in Halloween in 8th grade, and the one on the right is me now. I hope this helps!! (:

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Hey, just posted my own blog about differin and I am really liking the results as well, and it's only been two and a half months, you hear a lot of people don't like it but I think you need to only use a little and give it time. Glad things have got better for you, It's a good feeling not to worry so much about your skin!

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