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Day 58



What in the hell happened. I was clearing then BAM. Shitty skin :( 11th will be 2 months, two months of what feels like straight breaking out. Ugh. When will it stop. My skin is starting to flake again.. Nnooooooo.. :( my neck is still dry & tight & itchy. I just want to rip my skin off ...

I really really really hope it stops.. Soon...


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Girl, I feel ya. I really do. The highs and lows of DKR... one minute you think you are FINALLY clearning up only to break out massively the next day. I am sticking with it though. I'm on day 41 and am definitely experiencing a high right now. Fingers crossed it lasts, but I just start using AHA last week, so I've prepared myself for another massive breakout mentally. Ugh. Having crappy skin sucks. My BFF has the most flawless perfect skin I have ever seen and I don't think she has any clue in the world just how jealous I am of that. Well, I hope your skin turns around and mad props for going makeup free. I am still trying to grow a pair and go makeup free myself.

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You are super beautiful. I think your acne looks well controlled with the exception being some larger lesions resulting in scabs. I am no doctor, not a medical doctor anyway (I earned a Juris Doctor in 2003 from William Mitchell College of Law) but if you try amxoiciilin or cephalexin you will see major smoothness is just a couple of months. Keep us updated...Peace!

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Thanks girl.. Going makeup less has been hard. But I guess as long as I have mascara on & my brows somewhat done ill be ok, even tho I LOVE makeup! Makes me sad cuz I spend a shit load of money on it . Now it's just sitting there! Oh well, I'd rather have clear skin & I hope this shit works. If not then I'm going to flip out lol. & ya AHA broke me out 1st time using it. Now I'm doing it every other night mixing with moisturizer/pea size of aha with like 3 drops of jojoba oil. I think my skins adjusting so fingers crossed..... Have u posted any pics yet ????

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