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Caveman / Water Only Experiment



Hi everyone

I wanted to share with you my recent experiment with the 'caveman regimen' that many people are turning to out of frustration with treating Acne.

My acne background is as follows:

  • my skin has been prone to moderate whitehead pimples and sore inflamed skin since the age of approx. 14
  • was prescribed oxytetracycline at 15 (I didn't ask for them nor was i at the doctors for acne. I regret agreeing to take them)
  • Between 14-23 I have been on 6 different antibiotics at separate times and consistently using benzyol peroxide 2.5%
  • I have also tried lightbox treatment, a facial steamer, adapalene retin-a + changing aspects of my diet etc
  • I've been 1 step from taking accutane twice during this time but bailed out of fear of long term side affects
  • I stopped antibiotics around a year ago but continued to use Daniel Kern products including Benzyol Peroxide

Around a month ago I became so frustrated with constantly failing to treat my skin with such a regimented routine that I stopped everything and took it back to basics.

Today is the 34th day of no products touching my skin at all. No cleansing. No moisturising. No BP. Splashing with water twice - three times a week. Trying to eat 5 fruit and veg and drink enough water and exercise.

From day 5 i started taking a photo every day of my face (the odd day has been skipped). You will see a general decline of the condition of my skin due to the lack of exfoliation. I could rub at it with salt or whatever else people suggest but I want to really avoiding touching / stimulating my skin at all. I'm still getting pimples and sometimes they are big but it's different and they are generally healing within 24 hours and scabbing over. I'm hoping that this is my skins way of treating itself.

So i'll continues to update this blog with pictures every week or so as i imagine it may be helpful to people considering this.



UPDATE 22.08.2013


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