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Ortho Tri Cyclen Blog

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3 three weeks ago I started ortho tri cyclen for my acne. First week was good my skin started clearing up, second week i started breaking out a little but not too bad. Then on week 3 boom, a bunch of cysts on my right cheek and jaw line. Ugh this sucks its so bad I don't want to leave the house. I also use tetrion cream .1 at night. Crossing my fingers hopefully its just an initial breakout and clears up soon. This worked for my older sister hoping it works for me!

Okay so im on my 6th week... Getting acne on both of my cheeks now. My right side is still bad.. Im going to wait to see if it starts clearing

UPDATE: Wow I completely forgot about this! I'll update this anyways. So after my second month on the pill my face cleared up. It does work! But if you are thinking about taking this just remember it's a quick fix. Sadly once you stop taking it you break out again, trust me I know.

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