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Start Of Vitamin D3 2000Iu



So I've had acne for literally my whole life. I'm 16 now and still have it. about a week ago it got SO bad. it's all on the lower part of my cheeks. I'm so embarrassed and can't even go in public it's that bad. but I did research and I just bought vitamin D3 and zinc. i also bought tea tree oil and have been applying it to my face. there's some scars as well. can someone give me advice on what to do if this doesn't work? I'm anorexic so I'm not sure if that plays a role in the causes...

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Hey, I used to use zinc and Vitamin D as well. It takes awhile to work, but you should start seeing improvement after a few months. It's good to take as well, just for your healthy. It made me feel really active and I didn't get sick as much. If all else fails, you should go see your local GP, or a derm (they can be super expensive though, so you might want to go your doctor.)

Tea tree oil is great for scars. But it's best to avoid getting it on your acne, as you are practically apply unnecessary oil onto it. I would wait until the acne is clear before you start using it.

Also try washing your face with a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil or Dermaveen. Both are great as a cleanser.

Good luck!

I hope everything goes well :)

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